Shah Alam as we all know was established as the new capital of Selangor from Kuala Lumpur in 1978. The areas around the main town of Shah Alam were being developed in the 1980s and one of the biggest was Taman Sri Muda a new township. Many Sikhs bought houses here and across the Federal Highway in the Shah Alam Township.

With the growing population of Sikhs, a small Sangat got together for congregational prayers and had the 1st Gurdwara service at No 9, Jalan 11/2F Shah Alam “ a rented premise. The 1st Palki was donated by Sdr Beluan Singh Nijer of Singapore at a cost of RM600.00 and other donations were solicited for the setup and smooth operation of this Guru Ghar and Sdr Harcharan Singh did the sewa.

13th Jan 1988

The Sikhs grew in numbers as did their activities. They then formed a Pro tem Committee which comprised:

President: Sdr Hacharan Singh
Secretary: Sdr Mohan Singh
Treasurer: Sdr Jagdish Singh
Committee: Sdr Sukdial Singh
Sdr Hardev Singh
Sdr Gian Singh
Sdr Pertap Singh
Auditors: Sdr Ram Singh
Sdr Avtar Singh
Observer: Sdr Surjit Singh

The main objective of this committee was to attend to the regular Sangat activities and formalize an association to make formal application for land from the state authorities for a permanent Gurdwara in Shah Alam.

1st June 1988

The Gurdwara was shifted to No 8 Jalan Makyong 11/2G to accommodate holding of Punjabi language classes.

15th Nov 1989

The Constitution was Drafted and an Application forwarded to ROS for the registration of Gurdwara Sahib Shah Alam (GSSA). 4 trustees were appointed namely:

a. Sdr Hacharan Singh a/l Inder Singh
b. Sdr Sukdial Singh a/l Sadhu Singh
c. Sdr Juginder Singh a/l Babu Singh
d. Sdr Surat Singh

29th Mar 1990

Registration of Jawantankuasa Pengurusan Gurdwara Sahib Shah Alam was approved and the registered address was No 9 Jalan 11/2F Shah Alam.

Upon registration the Gurdwara Committee pressed the state authorities further to request for a place of land to put up the Gurdwara. Meanwhile Gurdwara functions and prayers continued and with Sangat growing bigger, the premises were moved to a bigger premise rented by Sdr Hacharan Singh and subsidized by the Gurdwara’s funds at No 6 Jalan Selat 11/3 Shah Alam.

The sangat of Shah Alam are very indebted for the invaluable sewa by the entire pioneer committee for their service above self. Their dedicated sewa had put the ensuing committees with a solid platform to move forward culminating with the allocation of the current piece of land in Section 18.

28th Mar 1993

Having served ardously for 5+ years the 1st Gurdwara Committee deemed it expedient to have a AGM for office bearers which was held on this date. Lt Col (Rtd) Dr Mohan Singh (now Dato) was elected as the President.

The list of Presidents heading the Sangat since the inception are as follows:

1988-1993 Sdr Hacharan Singh
1993-1997 Sdr Lt Col (Rtd) Dr Mohan Singh (now Dato’)
1997-1998 Sdr Gurdeep Singh Bhuller
1998-1999 Sdr Kuldeep Singh
1999-2007 Sdr Indarjit Singh
2007-2009 Sdr Gian Singh
2009-2011 Sdr Dr Jasbir Singh
2011- 2013 Sdr Gurmaij Singh
2013-2015 Sdr Parnam Singh
2015- Current Sdr Patminderjit Singh

During their entire tenure both past and current committees endeavored their utmost through letters, dialogue, visitations, dinners to secure a piece of land. Another piece was allocated in Section 28 in 1997 but this proposed area was also shelved by the government. Whilst waiting for the state land, the building committee went about to purchase a property to carry on the Gurdwara activities.

24th July 1993

The current Gurdwara which is a residential property was purchased on for the sum of RM 87,500.00. The management committee took immediate possession upon signing the Sales and Purchase Agreement on a rental basis until completion of all legal documentation.

May 2002

A Building Committee was set up of the following:

President: Sdr Dato’ Dr. Mohan Singh
Vice President: Sdr Avatar Singh
Secretary: Sdr Harjeet Singh
Members: Sdr Indarjit Singh
Sdr Gian Singh

This Committee was set up to delve into the procurement of the land through state government. Their joint efforts bore fruition when the Selangor State Government identified a dedicated piece of land for both the Hindus and Sikhs in Section 18.

20th Dec 2005

The Selangor State Exco approved the current piece of land at Section 18 Shah Alam and the necessary payments were made on 29th Aug 2006. The allocation for our Gurdwara lot was drawn on 6th Nov 2006 and the District Officers assured the Building Committee that the approval letters would be sent.

March 2007

Upon Sdr Gian Singh election as Gurdwara President he announced that a new Building Committee would be set up henceforth. Tan Sri Ajit Singh who during this time became a resident of Shah Alam was invited through the efforts of Rtd (DSP) Madam Ajit Kaur to be the Patron of Gurdwara Sahib Shah Alam which he graciously accepted as his sewa.

The new Building Committee comprises:

Patron: Tan Sri Dato Ajit Singh s/o Inder Singh
President: Sardar Patminderjit Singh s/o Mhan Singh
V.President: Sardani DSP(Rtd) Ajit Kaur Dhillon
Hon Secretary: Sardar Joginder Singh s/o Kartar Singh
Treasurer 1: Sardar Harbajan Singh s/o Buksheeh Singh
Treasurer 2: Sardar Jagdish Singh s/o Awathar Singh
Sewadars: Sardar Kirpal Singh s/o Sarban Singh
Sardar Sarjeet Singh s/o H.Bachan Singh
Sardar Gian Singh s/o Bahal Singh
Sardar Narain Singh s/o Balbir Singh
Sardar Amritpal Singh s/o Jaswant Singh
Sardar Kalwant Singh s/o Rattan Singh
Sardar Juginder Singh s/o Babu Singh
Sardar Gurmaij Singh s/o Raja Singh

The Building Committee had meetings regularly every fortnightly since April 2007 and has also been visiting the various government officials and relevant government agencies to procure the necessary documentations.

19th Nov 2010

With the Grace of Waheguru Ji and the encouragement of the Sangat the Building Committee was able to obtain the approved Drawing Plans and the Development Order (DO) from the state authorities on no other than the auspicious birthday of Guru Nanak Ji.

To move on we have marked 14th Apr 2011 Vasakhi Day to lay the Foundation Stone and with this embark officially on a full donation drive to put up the GSSA at a cost of approximately RM 3 million. We the Building and Management Committee and the Sangat of Shah Alam look forward to one and all to do your sewa generously by way of contributions.

3rd Apr 2011

New GSSA Site clearing Sewa by Sangat of Shah Alam.

14th Apr 2011

To move on on Vasakhi day the Sangat of hah Alam, lead by Panj Pyares laid the Foundation Stone of New Gurdwara Sahib. This embarked officially a full donation drive to put up the GSSA at a cost of approximately RM 3 million. We the Building and Management Committee and the Sangat of Shah Alam look forward to one and all to do your sewa generously by way of contributions.