This is the update to GSSA Project Brief No 01/2012 dated 10th Feb 12.


1.Indah Water Konsortium (IWK) Sewerage Pipes

As you are all aware the first phase construction of New GSSA commenced on 13th Nov 11. The work was successfully completed within about 6 weeks from mobilisation to the end.However during the course the piling works we stumbled upon a 20 inch (subsequently confirmed) pipeline about 12-15 feet running across the GSSA plot as allocated to us.
Upon confirmation with Sardar Balbinder Singh, a contractor with IWK, and Sardar Serjit Singh of Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor (SYABAS), it was established that the pipeline below was a sewerage force main pipeline. (ie one that pumps sewerage waste from one pump house to another)


Gurdwara Sahib Shah Alam Building Committee (GSSA BC) alerted Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam (MBSA).Through the sincere efforts of Sardar Serjit Singh (SYABAS), we were accommodated for an urgent meeting with MBSA Senior Engineer, Mr Hanif Basri on 16th Jan 12 and GSSA BC was represented by Sardar Patminderjit Singh and Sardar Kulwant Singh with the presence of Sardar Narain Singh.
MBSA themselves seemed unsure as to who was responsible for the sewerage pipes as the projects in Shah Alam was handled by Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Selangor (PKNS) and requested that he would have to have consultation with Jabatan Kerja Raya Selangor (JKR), PKNS and also IWK before reverting to us. On 25th Jan 2012, Mr Hanif confirmed:

a. Pipes were sewerage force main pipes.
b. PKNS had handed over the sewerage pipes to JKR Selangor back in 1998 and they could not handover to IWK unless they complied with certain criteria set by IWK.

GSSA BC through MBSA arranged for an urgent meeting with JKR Selangor to resolve the issue.

First meeting was held on 6th Feb 12 with Director JKR Selangor at The State Secretariat. JKR explained that upon completion of projects by PKNS the sewerage system could not be fully handed over to IWK due to compliance issues set by IWK and were required to be adhered before they took over. These issues were not fully adhered especially for some stretches of the sewerage system one of which was the pipeline that ran through GSSA plot. As such JKR was still responsible and assured that they would look into resolving it at another meeting involving IWK and Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Air Negara (SPAN). After 2 postponements on 19th Mar and 6th Apr a follow up meeting was held on 26th Apr 12.

The meeting was attended in full by parties responsible for the sewerage issue namely IWK, JKR Selangor, MBSA and SPAN. At the meeting it was announced by SPAN that the Government had vide a circular dated in 15th Aug 11 stated that in future it would not be responsible for any utilities that were running under any buildings, land etc and that it would be the responsibility of the owner of the piece of land/building etc to bear all costs in re-routing. GSSA BC represented by Sardar Patminderjit Singh, Sardar Narain Singh & Sardar Kulwant Singh appealed that:

a.The land was given by the State Government to GSSA.
b.We are a religious entity and a non-profit organization.
c.That this land was 30 years in the coming for the Sikh Community after 2 previous plots that were taken back.

That we do not have any financial means to re- route the sewerage piping Our appeal was initially turned down and those attending said that the cost of re-routing the sewerage system was approximately RM200,000 if we did it ourselves not forgetting the various formalities and time that we have to go through.

On a further enquiry appeal and prodding that this was a place of worship for Sikhs and that we were operating out of a corner low cost house which was a source of much complaints from the public and MBSA. They eventually relented and said there was a plan to relay the pipes in the near future (no dates given) and this was to be done as similar problem was also endured by the Section 16 mosque and some factories in the area.

If we were prepared to wait then SPAN would undertake this re-routing in the near future. Meanwhile the GSSA BC reps were given the assurance and it was minuted in the meeting that all authorities present had no objections on GSSA BC to continue the construction work for the new Building. Meanwhile the GSSA BC in its forth nightly meeting deliberated and endorsed the following unanimously:
a. To allow the authorities to do the re-routing and save the RM 200,000 an overrun on our budget which we could ill afford.
b.To carry on with our plans to put up the Gurdwara in lieu of the authorities having no objection and also the fact they had been put on notice.

The GSSA BC was also worried over the fact that if we pushed them too much the State Authorities may take away the current plot (which is the best with KTM and DID reserves) and offer another piece. This would not only delay the Gurdwara setup but also the fact we have already incurred cost which cannot be recovered.

2.GSSA 3rd Floor Proposal

In lieu of limited land piece (about 10,000 sq ft) and the request from the Sangat for maximum space the GSSA BC deliberated and decided to do away with the domes on top of the Gurdwara and instead add an additional floor which would mean that The Gurdwara would be 3 instead of the present 2. The domes were redesigned to be at the front of the Gurdwara to accommodate the 3rd floor as the Local Authorities had imposed a 50 foot (domes inclusive) restriction on the total height of the Gurdwara Building.


The amendment to the plans began in Feb 12 but unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances the architect, Mr Ng Koon Eng from Akitek Erabaru Sdn Bhd resigned WEF 26th Mar 12. GSSA BC then decided to appoint Mr Philip from L.H. Lim Kumpulan Perunding Sdn Bhd as the new architect WEF 17th May 12.

Mr Philip graciously accepted the offer at no charge of any professional fees to the GSSA. He has re-designed the building plans which includes the 3rd floor.    (3D artist impression images are attached).  MBSA has been consulted and they have in principle agreed to the amendment. Currently it is in the process of submission

3.Tax Exemption from Inland Revenue Department (LHDN).

Approval was granted on 22nd Feb 12. The reference is LHDN.01/35/42/51/179-6.7210 Effective from 15th Feb 12.Total amount allowed under tax exemption was only for RM 1.78 M ie only for structural costing.


A new Bank account was opened to cater for tax exemption collections separately in lieu of the strict conditions imposed by the Finance Ministry to furnish details :

Bank   : Public Bank Berhad (PBB)
Account No   : 3-1749501-11

4. Donation Drive

This is an ongoing exercise being executed strenuously by the GSSA BC. As of 30th June 12 we have raised approximately RM1,504,116.41 since the donation drive started in mid Apr 2011. (Attached Bar Chart reflects the monthly collections from date of inception).


The GSSABC will be taking further drastic measures to raise funds throughout the country and donors abroad. The Sangat can also play an effective role to assist the GSSA BC to raise funds on their own initiative through coordination with the committee. As a guide each family can plan to raise an average of RM5,000 in next 5 months (Average RM1,000 a month) through their friends & relatives. With an average of 150 – 200 families around Shah Alam area, in theory that can make up a total of RM750,000.00 – RM1,000,000.00 !!

5.Tender for 2nd Phase of Construction.

While issues No 1 & 2 are being resolved, the relevant parties are working on details of the tender simultaneously.


Tenders will be opened and awarded as soon as approval for the amendment plan is given.

6.New GSSA Building Fund Committee (GSSA BC) – (Revised).

It was unanimously agreed in the fortnightly meeting on 5th Jun 12 that the GSSA BC to be revised to adopt new members and remove inactive/resigned members.


The New GSSA BC as of 5th June 12 are as follow:

Patron                     : Sardar Tan Sri Dato’ Ajit Singh s/o Inder Singh
President                : Sardar Patminderjit Singh s/o Mhan Singh
Hon Secretary        : Sardar Joginder Singh s/o Kartar Singh
Treasurer                : Sardar Maj Suwaran Singh s/o Baldev Singh
Project Engineer    : Sardar IR Narain Singh s/o Balbir Singh.


: Sardar Kirpal Singh s/o Sarban Singh
: Sardar Sarjeet Singh s/o H.Bachan Singh
: Sardar Gian Singh s/o Bahal Singh
: Sardar Kalwant Singh s/o Rattan Singh
: Sardar Juginder Singh s/o Babu Singh
: Sardar Gurmaij Singh s/o Raja Singh
: Sardar Parnam Singh s/o Mehar Singh
: Sardar Mehendar Singh s/o Besant Singh (MD)
: Sardar Pardeep Singh s/o Gagjit Singh
: Sardar Ranmit Singh s/o Succha Singh.

Website & IT

: Sardar Jagdish Singh s/o Awathar Singh
: Sardar Jasdeep Singh s/o Bhagwant Singh


This newsletter is being sent around to bring the Sanggat up-to-date with issues concerning our new GSSA and to dispel unnecessary rumours.  We are in final stages of submitting new amendment plans to MBSA and in the meantime GSSA BC is working on the Tender Documents for the Second Phase of  construction.  Project should resume immediately after obtaining approval of new plans. The project upon approval by the MBSA will be tendered out and The Gurdwara Building will begin construction in the near future.  For further information please visit GSSA website at .  Anyone who has any view or suggestion is advised to write to the GSSA BC or email to .

GSSA Building Committee

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